Thursday, March 24, 2011

Joining the Scraps to Treasure Challenge

There's a fresh sign up which ends March 27th (this Sunday).  So, if you're interested in participating, you can follow the link below for all the specifics.

In a nutshell ...
You'll pick out 2 fabrics and send a quantity of 6 inch squares of these to the hostess.  This amount will be determined by how many participants we'll have.  It's around 25 right now.  Then you'll receive a package with a set of squares from all the participants.  You'll get to add a few more.  Finally, you'll make a quilt using at least 2 inch squares (or equivalent) from all these fabrics.
  • Fun? Absolutely.
  • Challenging?  Of course!  See the title again.
  • Rewarding?  Tremendously.  You'll have that feeling of accomplishment after overcoming a little fear and those inner whispers of "What have I gotten myself into this time?"  and you'll be blessed to donate the quilt to a charity of your choice.  Double the rewards.
When you sign up, be sure and mention that SeeingStars sent you.  We'll both receive a couple of bonus squares to use in our quilt.  You get to select any fabrics you'd like to add bonus squares.  They really help when you need a little more lights (or darks).

All the details (Click Here)


1 comment:

  1. I've loved watching this challenge take place every year on the HGTV boards and voting. Jayardi does a fantastic job!!!

    I participated in the Crayola challenge for the 1st time last year... and one of these years, I'm gonna do this one too!

    ... but not yet... I have to finish up some things first ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie