Thursday, May 26, 2011

Progress on the new quilting studio

Here are a couple of photos I snapped today from my phone.  It's exciting to see the windows in place.  Also, our roof was finished yesterday before the storms and sirens blazed last night.  It's very comforting to see the entire house with a roof intact.
Sunroom windows are installed.  The door will be next.

Interior view from the sunroom.

House with new roof and new siding.  All windows will be replaced eventually.
Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Temporary Quilting Space with a Spectacular View

Here's our rental home's lower great room.  The view is spectacular.  Before I can use the Tin Lizzie, I need to find a longer power cord and I need to find my patriotic quilt top.

I haven't unpacked much, but there are some threads on the shelves if needed.

Here's the view!

Another backyard view with better lighting & taken from outside.  Maybe a slightly different angle, but it's all beautiful.

Here's the view from the front window in the upper great room.  Yes, we have to mow all of that lawn.

 My youngest graduated today from middle school.  There was a lovely ceremony, followed up with a pool party.  It's officially summertime for her.  However, our high school teen has 4 more finals and 2 more days of school before her freedom begins.

Now, we'll spend a little time straightening up.  Those little messes show up everywhere .... even when we haven't unpacked much.  Then I may dash off in search of a longer power cord.
Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reframing the Quilt Studio

I promise I didn't pay them extra!  The contractors decided to tackle this end of the house first.  I'll have 3 large windows on this wall.  The other outer wall will have 4 slightly smaller (width) windows, plus a glass door.  I may call it the Sunroom, even though it will be my quilting studio.  The other 2 walls are brick, just like the exterior of the house.

Fabric storage and lots of family storage will happen in the adjacent large laundry room.

I had some help setting up the longarm frame downstairs in the rental house.  My primary motive was to mop the floors and it was much easier to do with the pieces of frame assembled instead of sprawled everywhere.  I'd love to quilt a patriotic top for Memorial Day.  So maybe I can get back to quilting again soon.

Enjoy your day!
- Seeing Stars

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh the possibilities! ... my new quilt studio

Isn't is wonderful?  That feeling of purchasing new fabric and imagining all the possibilities.  You get to design and redesign quilts in your mind before committing to a new project.  Then you feel the excitement of seeing it to completion over the coming days/weeks/months.

I feel the same way about my new quilt studio.  Oh the possibilities!  Yes, I'll have to be patient, but I'll enjoy a cheerful space with a terrific view.  Yes, the sun may try to fade my fabric stash, but I'll consider that a design challenge and come up with storage to prevent fading by sunlight.
We'll add glass windows instead of screens.  Where will the sewing machine and design wall go?  Not sure yet!  But when I decide, I'll let you know.

Here's the exterior of the porch/studio after the trees were removed and before the tarps were added.

And here are a few views of the rest of the house and yard.

 Here's the tree guy getting to the roof peak.  The large trees on the house were removed by crane.

Backyard playground
Backyard looking toward house

Side yard - 2 a/c units are under those trees.  power meter is destroyed.

Side yard (left from front of house) 2 trees hit the roof here.

Attic where back center of house was hit by trees.

Below center attic in the great room

Below center attic in bedroom (sorry it's so dark)
Dream about the possibilities of things you will create as you enjoy your day.
- SeeingStars

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The rainbow following the storm

No photos or quilts here for the past week.  Our family is safe.  The house was hit twice by the storms which raged through the South last week.  We're gypsies for a few months until everything is repaired.  And the rainbow, which always shines is our amazing friends and all the blessings we are discovering through this recovery.  We're been housed and fed abundantly.  Had more offers for shelter and help than we could accept, but still had over a dozen clear access to the house with chainsaws and dragging limbs to the curb.  And today, over a dozen help us drag items to charity before our big move to a rental.

Maybe when things calm down, I can post a photo of our backyard sans a few standing trees and one of my soon to be new quilt studio.  It will be exciting to set up a new space and sew in a larger area.

The power is back on in most of the town and everyone is a little happier to enjoy the electrical comforts that we expect.  Washing machines and dryers have moved up a notch on my thankfulness list.  There's just not a good way to hand wash jeans and have them dry without a sour smell.

Enjoy the blessings in this day!  Mine are friends who show up in a moment's notice to work hard and share hugs.  A beautiful blue sky.  The songs of birds and the playful dance of the squirrels on fallen trees.  My children's laughter.  My husband's reassuring arm around my shoulder and the knowledge that we'll get through this even stronger than we imagined.  Strength and joy and faith for today that comes from the Lord - each unexpected in such magnitude.
- SeeingStars