Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh the possibilities! ... my new quilt studio

Isn't is wonderful?  That feeling of purchasing new fabric and imagining all the possibilities.  You get to design and redesign quilts in your mind before committing to a new project.  Then you feel the excitement of seeing it to completion over the coming days/weeks/months.

I feel the same way about my new quilt studio.  Oh the possibilities!  Yes, I'll have to be patient, but I'll enjoy a cheerful space with a terrific view.  Yes, the sun may try to fade my fabric stash, but I'll consider that a design challenge and come up with storage to prevent fading by sunlight.
We'll add glass windows instead of screens.  Where will the sewing machine and design wall go?  Not sure yet!  But when I decide, I'll let you know.

Here's the exterior of the porch/studio after the trees were removed and before the tarps were added.

And here are a few views of the rest of the house and yard.

 Here's the tree guy getting to the roof peak.  The large trees on the house were removed by crane.

Backyard playground
Backyard looking toward house

Side yard - 2 a/c units are under those trees.  power meter is destroyed.

Side yard (left from front of house) 2 trees hit the roof here.

Attic where back center of house was hit by trees.

Below center attic in the great room

Below center attic in bedroom (sorry it's so dark)
Dream about the possibilities of things you will create as you enjoy your day.
- SeeingStars


  1. Wow....that is alot of damage....glad all is safe.

  2. That's a lot of down trees, but your attitude about it is great! I'm glad you're looking forward to a new quilting space.

  3. Holy cow, how very scary. I'm glad your family is safe - that is most important of course. I really admire your cheerful attitude in the face of such a disaster. Hugs to you! I found you thru HGTV's quilting board.

  4. LOL! My darling husband actually accused me of seeing every glass half full after reading this blog post. Yes, it was scary and loud to be home when all those trees fell like dominoes. Yes, I'd prefer to still be living in our home. But these can be character building times if I allow it. And our contractor is right in saying that we'll have our home back with many improvements. So there are blessings in the aftermath of the storm. :) Guess I may be guilty of being optimistic. Perhaps that's a side effect of being thankful for our family's many blessings.

  5. I would much rather be optimistic than a pessimist. It helps you get through things so much easier. When you walk out with your life and the lives of your family, your glass is overflowing even in the midst of all the destruction.

    Karen also has a great attitude about their losses. She said it best... This is just stuff...stuff can be replaced..We can't be.

    I know you will be glad to be back in your own home and I will continue to keep you and your family in T&P as I will Karen and her hubby. Love you my friend! :)