Friday, May 20, 2011

Reframing the Quilt Studio

I promise I didn't pay them extra!  The contractors decided to tackle this end of the house first.  I'll have 3 large windows on this wall.  The other outer wall will have 4 slightly smaller (width) windows, plus a glass door.  I may call it the Sunroom, even though it will be my quilting studio.  The other 2 walls are brick, just like the exterior of the house.

Fabric storage and lots of family storage will happen in the adjacent large laundry room.

I had some help setting up the longarm frame downstairs in the rental house.  My primary motive was to mop the floors and it was much easier to do with the pieces of frame assembled instead of sprawled everywhere.  I'd love to quilt a patriotic top for Memorial Day.  So maybe I can get back to quilting again soon.

Enjoy your day!
- Seeing Stars


  1. You must be excited about getting a new quilting space. You'll have to share the pictures when it's done. I love seeing everyone's quilting rooms.

  2. I'll share many photos along the way. It's the easiest way to share with our family the progress on our home. But I'll also wander downstairs and snap a few of my temporary quilting space. It's a much larger area than I've ever enjoyed before. When our work lessens a little, I hope to get downstairs and quilt something. Now where did that patriotic top go that's ready for Memorial Day?