Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've been quiet for a reason ...

It takes more concentration to work on a more detailed quilt.  This top is the most technical quilt I've done.  It has a pieced back, which I worked for several hours to align with the front.  Both sides have a center square and I wanted them to align as well as possible.

Leaves are quilted with their appropriate vein patterns.  Maybe another photo to capture the threads better.

My customer made this for her son.  You can tell there's a lot of thought and creative planning and love that's gone into the design and piecing and needle turn applique. 

Along with the botanical theme, she asked for Red Hill Salamanders.

And also some Gopher Turtles.  I looked up photos of the turtles and decided for quilting, a top down view of the carapace was best.
Gopher turtle shell and some 9 patches with tree rings 

The outer border has Ginko leaves quilted over a batik spray.  It's a perfect template for these leaves.
Zoomed in to show off the ferns

Here are some ferns with a few curly tendrils (Jamie Wallen - style).  There are top and bottom borders which will be filled with more of these ferns  after I turn the quilt.

It's at the half-way point, but I wanted to share how it's going so far.  I think the second half will go much faster than the first.  I really hope she'll like the finished quilt.  

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Outstanding quilting - and amazing quilt top! Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. It's looking great at the half way point. I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  3. Your quilt is amazing and I love the talented!

  4. Beautiful quilt and your quilting is awesome. I love the thought you put into the details you were to include. It is great.

  5. This quilt is just gorgeous and your quilting is beautiful! Please post a picture when you're done.

  6. wow...the quilt is absolutely stunning! your quilting work is beautiful as always. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  7. So impressive and your patience is showing !)

  8. Mercy, no wonder you've been quiet; that is wonderful!!!!!! Actually I am the same way. I just like to work every chance that I get...without interruption if possible!