Tuesday, December 13, 2011

His and Her Quilts

Batik quilt
Here's the first of two I'm quilting for a customer.  The fabrics she selected are really rich in color and I this the designs are great.  It's made using a sliced layer cake pattern.
The backing fabric provided the inspiration for the quilting.  I like the flowing ribbons and the flowers.  After sketching the design a few times, I loaded a King Tut variegated thread in the top and bobbin and began to play.

The back is pieced.  Here's an area of white on the back.  It shows the quilting well.
The second top is made using the same pattern and many of the same fabrics.  I'll quilt an oak leaf design on it.  First, I'll need to square the backing fabric.  And before that, it's almost time to go to my day job. 

I'm looking forward to finishing up a few more Christmas quilts for customers and then closing shop for the rest of the holiday season.  It's still a little scary for me to see a person's face when they receive their quilt back from me.  So far, so good.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. I think the quilting's looking great! I can't believe you have a day job and do this on the side. You must be very, very busy. How long have you had your long arm?

  2. It's MY quilt. I loooooove the quilting. You are a real artist.
    Looking fwd to HIS quilt. Thanks and see you as agreed.
    SEW WHAT ? by Dani

  3. Hi, Kim. Such lovely fabrics and beautiful quilting! Loved seeing the results of your Jelly Roll Race. Very interesting variety thanks to the fabrics.
    Happy holiday stitching!
    best from Tunisia,