Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Few More for Project Linus

We had a fun day with a room filled with quilting supplies, sewing machines, energetic ladies and men, and some awesome BBQ!  It was our quarterly Project Linus day yesterday.  They meet Friday and Saturday, but I was only able to play on Friday. 

Speaking of the men who were there, Norm is a retired gentleman and new local quilting celebrity, who happens to be a woodworker during the more mild seasons, when it's pleasant to be in the garage.  His handiwork is evident in the quilt shop - large spool holders which are sold to benefit Project Linus along with several helpful additions in the shop for displaying all the goods.  However, this past November, he decided to take up sewing in the colder seasons.  We had an impromptu quilt show with either 18 or 22 quilts that he donated to Project Linus.  His daughter is a gifted longarm quilter, so she was able to help him by quilting them once the tops were made.   I am positively sure that I have made no where near 18 quilts since November!  Way to go, Norm!  Each of these was beautifully pieced.  Many were patriotic and simply amazing.  What a generous spirit Norm has to pass these on to so many who will never meet him and have the opportunity to thank him for the hours and care invested in each quilt.

The Bottled Rainbows quilt was finished, including hand stitching the binding down.  (My preference).  Maybe it should be called the Color Wheel instead.  

Then, since I noticed a stack trying to topple over with quilt tops and backs just waiting for a quilter to sandwich them, I took home a few small projects.

First, there was a puzzle quilt. 
Quilted Top for Project Linus
Fun sashing details
Back of the puzzle quilt shows the funky stars quilted over the puzzle pieces

Next, a strip quilt.  It's a quick way to practice border ideas so they're fresh in your muscle memory.
Very small strip quilt for Project Linus
I liked the swirls in this orange strip.
More quilting detail.  The white bobbin thread is showing a little bit here. ... Tension.
Cute backing fabric ... the colors went well with the strips

Finally, a fun purpley-pink simple squares quilt.
Backing shows off the wiggly sashing stitches and the flowers

Whole top

One block from the top

I worked yesterday evening and this morning to get them ready for binding.  Then delivered them back to QC for anyone who needed something to do today during Linus Day.  Gail snatched them up and began to trim them before I dashed out the door on my way to the grocery store.  Actually, since there were so many friendly faces there, my dash out the door took 30 minutes or so.  The stack of to-be-quilted was still high today, so I took an armful home.  They should be quick finishes when I don't feel like getting involved in a large project.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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  1. That's just awesome that you were able to quilt so many so quickly. Your quilting is just beautiful as well.