Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bottled Rainbow ...

Bottled Rainbow in progress
There's a fabulous stitch-along at Stitched In Color's blog.  It's been a long time since I started this project with the first 3 blocks.  I'm not expecting to make a huge quilt, but this will make a nice size for Project Linus.  I'm thinking about adding an appliqued watercolor set in the center.  With a little more effort, I'll be ready to hand sew the binding when I next meet with the Project Linus group here in early February. 

It's a quilt-as-you-go easy quilt to make.  But I've still managed to make several mistakes along the way.  First, I forgot that I'd resized the blocks from the pattern.  So I have a huge purple block that wouldn't play nicely with the others.

I think it could make a nice pillow top!

I also managed to flip the blue and green row.  Not only were the colors wrong, but the sea turtle was swimming upside down.  Whoops!  The seam ripper came to the rescue and everything was rearranged to work out nicely.  Sorry - no photographic evidence of that mishap!

Now it's time to make a grocery run.  Family will be asking about dinner soon and we'll have guests over tomorrow for lunch and again in the evening.

Enjoy your day!  It's been so sunny and cheerful here.  The birds have shown off all day long.
 - SeeingStars

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  1. I love this....just going to be wonderful. I have wanted to try one of these but did not get beyond a candle mat!