Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday

Here's one from about 5 years ago.  A twisted four-patch of sorts.  It was made to try out a stack 'n whack technique using 4 alike pieces cut into 4 patches.  I loved the tropical fabric that we started with.  One of my kids, a 5th grader back then, helped me with the design, layout and a little of the sewing.  It was a gift for the teacher.  So we named it, Summer at Camp L_____.  The teacher often called her class Camp L______ and these flowers seemed to us to be a summertime celebration.

It's fun to look back and see how my fabrics selection has begun to change, along with quilting designs.  Of course this one was done on my regular sewing machine, so I have to shuffle more quilt layers around as I was quilting it.
 The bird of paradise doesn't grow here, but I enjoyed it when we visited my dad and his wife in March.  Their plant was glorious in bloom.  (Maybe summertime wasn't quite right, but it worked for us when we named the quilt.)
Part of my reasoning for sharing this twisted 4 patch is to motivate myself to finish another one.  I started quilting it by sewing machine years ago and once I stopped and the Tin Lizzie made her home here, I haven't continued.  It will become one of my favorites once it's done!

I'll take a week or so from blogging.  Family health issues have arisen.  So  my dad and his wife are coming here to enjoy our teens as well as feed them and drive them all over town to various activities.  Meanwhile, my husband and I will go separate ways to be with our mothers.  We're praying for both of these sweet ladies to recover ask quickly as possible.

Enjoy your upcoming week.
- SeeingStars


  1. Sorry to hear you'll be caring for Moms. Hope they're better real soon.

    That quilt is lovely, by the way.

  2. Hope the family issues get resolved.

    Love your quilt.

  3. The quilt is so pretty! Sorry to hear about the news, hope they'll get well soon. Take care.

  4. Such a generous gesture for a teacher, but, then, so many go up and beyond the call of duty. They should be making six-digit salaries for their ten and twelve hour days. By the way, really like your header--an example of quilting that makes a difference! And I think your candles are really cute--nice project.
    best, nadia