Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Next Time Won't You Sing With Me ?

When I found this fabric, I thought it was adorable.  But not easy to cut up in small pieces.  So instead, it's almost a whole cloth quilt.  Just a column of stars to add a little extra punch.
ABC quilt

There's too much going on with the top to make the quilting stitches steal the show.  So most of this one is loop-de-loops in doubles and a few triples.  The quilting went pretty quickly until my machine needed some TLC.  The tracks, wheels, etc. were cleaned and rubbed down with alcohol.  All the encoder pieces for the stitch regular were checked for good connections and then the Tin Lizzie was ready for action again.

I did play a little with the stars and yellow borders.  Just added some swirls and swoops.  Next time, I think I'd add a stitch-in-the-ditch around the yellow borders and maybe tracing each star.  Guess I need to practice doing this without a ruler, so it doesn't double the time on the frame.

Another view ....
Side view

And here's the back.  I like the stars from the back side.  It's different and interesting.  As per usual, I thought I'd purchased enough fabric for the back, but ended up making the front bigger than I'd first imagined.  The plaid looks better in person (i.e. plays well with the alphabet) than in the photo.

Whoops!  I see a thread on the back.  They always show up after the photos.

Enjoy your day!  I've got to get ready for work..... Very grateful for flexible hours!  I can go to work much more relaxed knowing that my machine is working again.  Hardware errors drive me nuts since it's almost like magic to fix them.  I prefer software problems.  Once they're fixed, they don't break themselves later. 

- SeeingStars


  1. The quilting on the stars looks great! I really like the detail, almost like a picture frame. Glad you were able to fix your machine yourself. Much less frustrating, time-consuming and cheaper than having to have someone else fix it.

  2. That is an outstanding quilt!! I love that idea. I may appropriate it for myself. I've got some fabric at home that doesn't lend itself to cutting up very well. And your quilting is lovely, as usual.

  3. A great idea for fabric that just shouldn't be chopped up. The stars were a perfect answer, and the quilting is lovely!