Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Off the Frame ...

... and on its way to a show.

This top was made by a very talented lady who loves the design process as much as the piecing.  It's the second quilt top I've quilted for her and I've been amazed both times.  Her creativity, use of color and design elements really shine.

I didn't have a good place to spread out the entire quilt to photograph the whole thing at once, so you'll have to admire it in stages.  I had fun adding some very non-traditional stitches to a traditional feeling quilt.

One of my favorite parts of this quilt is the chevrons quilted from the orange and navy borders.  I think it's really cool how they visually connect with their neighboring stripes.  The piecing is excellent and I didn't have to force the geometry to work out beautifully.  It happened effortlessly.

Love those flying geese!

I like the log cabins too.  Especially the ones which form a star around the central cabin.  My feathers are usually shorter and plumper, so I had to practice to make them long and slender.

Although I like the texture in the 9 patch areas, it really didn't show up well enough to make all that dense quilting worth the time.  I'm sure I've heard more experienced quilters tell me to be mindful of where the more detailed work will really shine.  I guess I learn better from mistakes of my own than from the wisdom of others.  I still like the texture though.

You can notice it a little more from the back side with the yellow threads forming intersecting lines.  The back is really cool too.  It's sort of a fourth of a log cabin block.  Of course, I didn't get the whole back either.  (Yes!  That's an AU for Auburn University ... this family has special connections there just as I do.  Go Tigers!  Hi Jenna ...  and Christopher and Clifton!)

I plan to squeeze in time to visit the show this weekend amongst other plans.  So if I can photo this quilt while it's hanging, I'll post a photo of the whole thing.

One last photo.  The borders were just as I practiced on my last post.  Again, the fabrics were a little to busy to let the quilting stand out, but they still had to be quilted and I enjoyed using circle templates to create that arc.

Until then ...

Enjoy your day (or in this case : night)
- SeeingStars


  1. Beautiful piecing and quilting! It was nice seeing how your practice was used in the quilt border.

  2. Great quilting job. I would love to have a longarm..but I'm so very affraid.
    Great site. I will visit often.

  3. Great job Kim! I miss the machine! (ack! did I say that!). 15 years ago I would have never thought I would ever machine quilt anything. And now that I am being forced to take a sabbatical, I am missing it a LOT!