Friday, September 7, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

When I first started machine quilting, I heard the same advice over and over again : You need to practice, practice, practice.   I didn't like hearing when I was in school, learning a new concept and felt like the homework was piled way too high.  And I didn't like hearing it years later, when I was eager to load a quilt on my new machine.

I know it's true, but I'd prefer instant success.

However, to build my flimsy character and to avoid ripping out lots of stitches later, I threw the old sheet sandwich back on the frame and tried a few new things.  The quilt I'll be working on is for a college student and I wanted to make the quilting  have a modern look.  Some of the designs that I'd like to do still don't look as nice as I'd like.  So there are several variations to see what works best.

border design

Rather than instant success, I found lots of places where I can improve.  I hope this exercise will help the quilt look its best.
Log cabin design
filler over some 9 patches ... I missed a spot

While practicing, I didn't worry with loose threads or removing stitches when I ran out of bobbin threads midway through a curve.  It was more of a messy play time.

I've also been working on a challenge quilt lately.  When the director says we're free to reveal our quilts, I'll share it here.  Until then, I'll work silently, hoping I haven't jumped in over my head.  My mind can imagine designs that my skills can't execute.  I guess it goes back to that old saying, "practice, practice, practice."

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. I like the border design in your first picture. And I'm with you in the practice thing. There are tons of things I'd rather do, but it's honestly the only way to get better. I look forward to seeing your challenge quilt!

  2. That looks good, I guess I will have to practice, practice, practice, if I every what to quilt my own quilt.

  3. Hate the practice....but love the improved results. Really like that border design you are working on. It is fabulous.

  4. I don't know how you do it. I sit with my practice piece at the machine and can see NOTHING to do with it. No designs, no ideas, no inspiration. Someway, somehow have got to get past that hangup because I've got a whole handful of tops that need to be quilted. Now, if I had YOUR baby to practice on, I -might- be more proficient (but don't bet on it). Good for you, girl.

  5. Love the design you're working on. I know I should practice more but it's so hard to just practice. I actually want to do the quilting! Can't wait to see your challenge!