Friday, July 26, 2013

Off the frame - a Quilt of Valor

I'm doing the happy dance again.  So glad to have this one quilted and ready for binding.

Since some friends are on their way over this morning, I'm posting mostly photos rather than my usual long-winded words. 

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Your quilting on this Gettysburg design is just fabulous! I love, love, love the eagles. (well, and everything else, too ...)

    Kathy T.
    CT Quilters QOV Group
    Tampa, FL

  2. Beautiful patterns and awesome quilting. WOW! It's all so beautiful!

  3. Oh wow! That's just amazing! A real work of art. I especially love the eagles on it. It just really sets it off. Another wonderful job quilting!

  4. Thank you for making my pattern so beautiful!

    1. This pattern, which lifetakesaturn designed, is available on a yahoo group for MysteryQuilts4Military quilt patterns. It was the first I've made after recently joining this group. I brought all the clues with me to a retreat and made it in a long weekend. It's such a pretty design! We don't share the patterns outside the yahoo group, but you may join us there. A new mystery has just started.

      lifetakesaturn, I'm so glad you like what I've done with this pattern. The white spaces were so inviting for quilting.

  5. wow! fabulous work. What kind of batting did you use?

  6. Oh, my goodness, girlfriend. More gorgeous every time I see it!!!

  7. You did an exceptional job on this quilt. It is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

    I am almost finished binding my Gettysburg...I will post. Love the quilting on yours.

  8. Your work is outstanding! That is one beautiful quilt. I must remain anon, but I am Sara from the Magnolia Threadcatchers. :)

  9. That is seriously some of the prettiest, most appropriate-to-the-theme, quilting I have ever seen! (And I've seen a lot!!hahah) This is just over-the-top gorgeous!

    Beth in AR

  10. I agree with Beth. This is extraordinary quilting and them appropriate. You really made the pattern sing. I assume you have a quilting business with all that talent!?

  11. Bravo on a superior job!! Don't you LOVE the back how it shows all that gorgeous quilting!

  12. Oh, my!!! This is just incredible!!!!! Incredible design and execution! Love the star bursts!