Friday, August 2, 2013

For the Birds ....

This donation quilt is for the birds.  Really, that's the name our guild has decided for it.
Photo #1 with leaves in front of the quilt
Isn't it just gorgeous?  Many quilters from our guild have worked on various stages of it.    It's a traditional log cabin pattern with hand applique and ruching (gathered vine, pronounced Rooshing).  The custom quilting really looks lovely.

Photo 2 No leaves in the foreground

The pattern is from the AccuQuilt Go website and is called Flying Home.  We increased the size to 90 by 90 inches because we thought bigger is better.

So which photo looks better, 1 or 2? Or should we start all over again with the camera?  We're planning to print a few photo postcards to help with ticket sales.

Here it is posing with an amazing log cabin which was disassembled and moved piece by piece to this location
It was a gorgeous day to play in the sunshine and show off the quilt.  Some gracious, new-to-me friends allowed us to use their yard.

This has been such a fun project for me.  I've learned how to applique and how to make ruching.  One of our guild members quilted it.  Now I'd like to make another just like this one for our family.  I'll add it to our ever growing to-do list!

I love the chickens in front of the porch.  Not the same kind of birds, but they're adorable.
 Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Picture # 2 because it shows a little more detail. That is truly a lovely quilt. So, is it an opportunity quilt, by chance?

    1. I'm replying here in case someone else is also wondering. Yes, this is an opportunity quilt. Our board decided to call it a donation quilt.
      ~ SeeingStars

  2. What a great layout for the log cabin blocks.
    Beautiful quilt!
    Best of luck - I hope you raise a lot of $$$$$$$'s.

  3. I think photo 2 is better because you can see the quilt better. It's just gorgeous. Beautiful job by everyone. I love the mix of piecing and applique. I also appreciate when these quilts are a larger size.

  4. Oh yeah.... picture 2 looks good. I don't think you need to start over. Just use that one.

  5. That is really gorgeous! You all did a great job!