Thursday, October 24, 2013

On the Design Wall - Echos of the Past

I saw a quilt made with this pattern at a quilt show and I knew I just had to make this one.  With the scrappy batiks and bright colors and gorgeous quilting, it just shines.  I have a recipient in mind, so I can't wait to see this one emerge from the pile of fabrics.

The pattern's website doesn't show such bright colors, but you can find it here at Elizabeth Anne Designs.  I'm guessing this one is radiant in good lighting.
Elizabeth Anne's designs - Echos of the Past

I started by spreading batiks all over my sewing room.  Then I chose the 12 fabrics that I'll use behind the large block centers.  To get started, I made a few of the pieced blocks, but not all of them.

Horse block

Kokopelli Block

Although I'd love to have this one finished as a Christmas gift, I'd rather enjoy the process.  At this point, I don't think it will be ready in 2 months.  So, I'll relax a little bit.  There's a quilt retreat next weekend, which will be a fun time to work on it while I visit with friends.

All 12 "blocks" ... in progress

I've already learned that I like piecing much more than fusible applique.  This time, I'm trying Misty Fuse since it's extremely lightweight.  I am using a satin stitch for the applique with contrasting threads.  Most of these pieces still need the satin stitch.

 For the retreat, I made this 3 ft by 4 ft portable design wall using a 2 fold cardboard display stand, basting spray, batting and some tape.  I already had all the supplies, except for the cardboard which was less than $3 with a coupon.  That basting spray on cardboard and batting doesn't allow repositioning, so I get to live with a few wrinkles.  I think it will come in handy for this project at the retreat.

Yesterday, with a sick teen at home, I worked a little on tracing and ironing the fusible parts as I watched my quilting buddies.  There were seven of them grazing quietly before the buck arrived.  No one held still for my photo shoot!  I couldn't even count his points.

High tailing to the treeline.

Today, both teens and I visited their doctor.  The whole marching band (247 members) is sharing viral and bacterial infections.  We'll do our best to overcome with rest, fluids and some meds while preparing for another football game and competition this weekend.  Rest and band practices do not mix well.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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