Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Journal Quilt #1 : Plaid Transparency

I'm hoping to make some journal quilts in my spare time this year.  Since they are so small, it's easier to try a new technique and get 'er done. 

This one is playing with the illusion of transparency.  Where the bands of orange and blue/green intersect, there are both color groups present.

It's interesting, but not as successful as I'd hoped.   I don't regret the time invested in it as I meditate on other things while I sew.  Maybe later, I'll revisit the transparency idea with another attempt.

For my southwestern quilt top, I've attempted to shop locally for the backing fabric.  Since none of those choices worked, I'm found some online and am waiting on a delivery.  It's a good time to finish up UFO's and make another journal quilt.

Enjoy your day!  It's really cold here, but the sun is shining and thus, it's a cheerful cold.
- SeeingStars


  1. I actually think you were pretty successful, but what exactly is a journal quilt?

  2. That looks really convincing! I like it!
    Dee- journal quilts are tiny, like journal page sized.