Thursday, January 23, 2014

January UFO is finished

UFO's - Unfinished Objects
They are a common topic of discussion in the quilting world.  Too many of us start a project, hit a snag or face a deadline for something else, and stuff the project deep into a closet to finish later.  I've heard a few quilters admit to a startling number of UFO's.  Most of us do not count them.

I joined a UFO challenge online to encourage each of us to finish 6 projects in the first 6 months of 2014.  We each numbered our six projects.  Then the hostess of this challenge randomly selected a number.  That became this month's project.

Mine was this trio of baby quilts.  They were all made from a fat quarter collection of flannels.  I'd made the tops, but didn't have border fabrics, so they sat.  And waited.  Until their number was drawn.

Now they are all finished and ready to snuggle.  It's a good time to finish them with the frigid temperatures we are facing.  And I'm thrilled to have this project accomplished.

Here's the before photo :

The two green ones on the right were made using Missouri Star Quilting Company's tutorial called Serendipity.  The 2nd quilt is made from the remnants of the first.  It is a neat pattern and I had fun working with flannel fabrics.

Simple cursive e's and l's for the quilting

I have very little left over and will donate those pieces to Project Linus.  Then, I'll be back to regular quilting fabrics and batiks.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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  1. I'm sure it feels great to have finished one of your UFO's. And they're going to such a great cause too! Unfortunately, I'm one of those you mentioned with lots of UFO's. I'm slowly trying to whittle them down though. Congratulations on your finish!