Saturday, February 1, 2014

On the Frame

The first step for this one is to receive stabilizing stitches.  I wish straight line ruler work was easier for me.  After a few wobbles, I tossed aside the rulers and am doing it free hand.  For me, the stitch-in-the-ditch lines look better that way.

I've been looking at some Native American pottery and will use some of those designs as inspiration for quilting this one.

February UFO top on the design wall

While I know there is still many hours custom work to be done, I've hung my next top on the design wall.  It's a disappearing 9 patch pattern with navy cherry blossoms and the dark pink is hand dyed from Gees Bend.  My hope is that I'll get a good idea for a quilting design on the cherry blossoms while I work on the current one.

A late breakfast today.  Our "pets" are happy for warmer weather.

We helped our neighbors move furniture yesterday.  They are moving overseas for a year and will keep most of their belongings in storage.  With new carpets and tile, they are getting their home in top shape to sell quickly.  They also helped us move a new couch upstairs and a very old loveseat (slightly chewed by a previous dog) downstairs.  So I wish I'd had the camera ready to capture their expression when we moved that old loveseat to the front porch.  You could see the thought bubbles over their heads accusing us of being rednecks and worrying about the reduced market value of their home. 
In my weak defense, I'm calling the thrift store this morning to arrange a pick up.  Until then, we're thinking of seating the whole family there, armed with red solo cups, loud country music and a cooler close by to watch the neighbors as they work.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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  1. How neat to see the deer in the field, we have them around here too! I had to laugh when you talked about the couch on the porch......and the red solo cups!!! That could be us some summer days along the river!