Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another On the Frame

I've been working on a quilt that I can't share yet.  So I've had to be very quiet for a while.
But this one I can talk about.
It's a Quilt Of Valor.  It's a UFO.  It's a block swap quilt. 

If you walk around the frame to get a better look.  You can see the overall design.

There's mostly Red/White/Blue, but a touch of gold here and there.  So I took a bold approach and began quilting it with gold threads.  At first, I thought about using a clear thread over these beautiful star blocks, but I think they'll still shine with gold over them.

The quilting is very similar to my last QOV motifs.  I was quite thrilled with how that one turned out and other designs I doodled with weren't as nice.

The first of 4 rows is complete now.  For the 2nd and 3rd row, I get to do 6 feathers!  I love quilting feathers.  For balance on these large blocks, I'm marking the spine.  Frixion pens for lighter fabrics and white chalk for the dark blue fabrics.

I'm planning on a quilt retreat next week.  My goal is to have this one off the frame and ready to bind for the retreat.  It's ambitious, but the retreat is hosted by the Alabama QOV coordinator.  So I can leave it with her if it's finished before I pack up to come home.  While I'm there, I can make a pillow case and label.  But if it isn't finished, I'll mail it to her or use her "Mules" to hand deliver it.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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  1. There are some really interesting blocks in the quilt. I'd love to see more pictures when you're finished, especially of your quilting. You do such beautiful work.