Sunday, November 2, 2014

Superman ... Starting a New Quilt

I like making small quilts for babies.  It's a quick and fun way to try something new and to use bright colors.  Some distant time ago, I found this Superman fabric on sale and tucked it away with a few primary colors.  I think I'll make stars for the front and use the Superman for the back.  Maybe a border with the wavy red, white and blue.

Maybe 8 inch star blocks in 5 rows by 5 columns.  I think it will be cute.  Hmmm, might re-think that possible border fabric.  It looks better in person than in the photo, but it's not perfect.

Enjoy your day!  I've wasted 2 hours because I was up "early" from the time change.  So now I'm late.  Hope I can quickly get ready for our church service.  Whoops!
- SeeingStars

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