Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Glimpse inside

Here's the living room in progress. Those french doors will hang in the laundry room's new closets. The fan is new. We're happy with the smooth ceiling. That cable sticking out of the wall is for a wall mounted tv, but will probably be covered with some art work. I think the tiles are in the laundry room now, so the doors may be installed soon. It's really nice to have the drywall dust gone for awhile.

Yesterday, the painter started working in the kitchen. The paint will remain yellow, but it needs a fresh coat after cutting out that doorway.

Once the HVAC is replaced, we can have hardwoods delivered to acclimate to the right temperature. Also, once the new ductwork for the additions are installed, those rooms can be drywalled. The dust will return, but hopefully just for a few days.
- SeeingStars
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