Friday, June 24, 2011

Patriotic Birdhouses ... didn't make the finish line for Memorial Day

This quilt top came from an HGTV message board swap of patriotic birdhouses.  We each purchased some of the fabric line and designed and made a group of blocks, maybe 10 or 12.  A twist for this block swap was that the blocks could be in a range of sizes, which made the layout more creative.  The hostess, Quiltaholic, gathered all the blocks, distributed and mailed a set to each participant.  When I received mine, I admired them and let them age like a fine wine.  Some quilters call blocks in this state UFO's or Un-Finished Objects. 

So once the UFO's pile up very high, I select one or two to complete.  For this quilt, I joined them with extra scraps from this fabric line to make the top.  It was loaded on the frame before the tornadoes and has waited patiently for some attention.

It feels good to get back to quilting and to get something accomplished.  I discovered yesterday that if the stitch regulator isn't plugged into the machine, it misbehaves in the most awful way!  Thankfully, once I realized the error, it was an easy fix.

I've not used a ruler before, but for this one, I'm stitching in the ditch around those large blocks with the help of a straight ruler.  It's going to take some practice and I feel the need to stand up higher and peer directly top down, rather than at an angle to see everything clearly.
One row is finished and there are 3 more to go.  Simple stars and wavy stripes as a background to the birdhouses.  Then, I may go back and do a little more quilting on the birdhouses.  There are some embellishments like large buttons when I need to avoid.

I've just finished an oriental and batik top that I'd like to give away soon so I need to get this one finished and off the frame. I just found a terrific backing and binding for the next one!   I'll share photos of it once the birdhouses are quilted.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Beautiful quilt top! I almost joined that swap but had so many other things going on I opted out. But every time I see one of these quilts, I wish I had participated. I like how you arranged your blocks.

  2. what a nice Quilttop. I like the Birdhouses.

  3. Thanks Dee and cookie! I'm almost finished, so I'll be able to share a close up of the quilting. I quilted a couple of birds sitting on branches in the spare areas. Some of these fabrics are so busy that the quilting doesn't show. Oh well!