Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surprised by Love

At a quilting retreat this weekend, I was overwhelmed and completely surprised by an outpouring of love and good wishes.  Two of us had experienced tornado damage.  Karen's house was completely destroyed.  Ours, if you've followed the blog, was uninhabitable for 5 months while repairs were made.  Along with many of  Karen's belongings, her Christmas decor was scattered across the state.  She even described strings of lights which were found wrapped around trees.

So Quiltaholic, aka Thearica,  from the HGTV Message Board forum for Quilting and Needlework rallied the others together and filled two huge, whopping baskets with amazing ornaments for Karen and me.  These baskets were filled to the handles and wrapped in pretty plastic to keep them safe.  The overflow were in an accompanying box.  Some ladies crocheted their ornaments, some beaded, some made quilted ones and yo-yo ornaments... You get the idea.  What an amazing and generous collection of gifts!  We both spread out all the ornaments at the retreat to let everyone see the variety.  It took 2 tables each to show them off.

It was such fun discovering each one unique and made with love.  I took several snapshots of the spread and I hope you'll enjoy seeing them too.
peeking into the box of goodies - from Kmouse
These will bring joyful tears each year when I hang them on my tree in my studio.  I'll keep them separate to remember this expression of love from my online friends.

Merry Christmas!
- SeeingStars


  1. How wonderful.....what treasures to enjoy. Those gals are so generous and giving.

  2. I hope that this little gesture brings a smile to your face and hope back into your heart!


    Kathleen (KC1930)

  3. I'm glad these brought cheer into your lives & a reminder that y'all are loved. I think the HGTV quilting board has the VERY BEST members!!! {{{HUGS}}}

    Nicki (nlk)

  4. So glad you like them. I do not know how I missed you blog before.
    i am a follower now. Erma

  5. It certainly was fun keeping a secret from you gals! Enjoy and know we all care.

  6. Kim... we were all to happy to do this for you... And as I said at the retreat... Niciklee was on board from the get go to help make this happen. She wishes she could have been at the retreat for the presentation as well. :)