Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My second art quilt from this workbook is a gilded pear.  The technique is to convert a photograph into simple shaded areas and fill each area with fabric.  I didn't really like starting from the workbook's design, but I understand the reason behind it.

Now that it's finished and bound, I like it better.  : )
I held it next to my squash quilt made a few days ago and realized, much to my surprise, that I'd remembered the specified dimensions wrong.  This one is 9 by 14 instead of 9 by 12.  Oh well!  It's a good thing there aren't any quilt police stopping by any time soon.

I quilted a simple pattern of wavy line for the background and added lots of strange stitching to the pear.  I think the quilting, along with the warm, bright colors forces the eye to concentrate on the pear.

Next, I'm off to use this technique from an original photograph.  The biggest challenge will be to Keep It Simple, Sista!  I'd love to jump off the cliff and try something extreme before I'm ready. For instance, a close up shot of my oldest grinning while wearing the band uniform and shako(hat).  I love the photo and it would make a great quilt portrait.  Quite a leap from fruits and veggies!

My customer picked up her Grinch quilt today and was delighted with the quilting.  She's eager to get the binding on quickly and enjoy her first quilt.  I was thrilled to see her reaction!  So I have a day or so to get my pumpkin tablerunner quilted (I need the right thread) and then I'll start on another customer quilt.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Your pear looks wonderful. I like the colors you used and the stitching works well. My first was a disaster and I tried a second one--red one-- that turned out great. I will caution you to keep it simple--in form and shape-- with this technique. Don't ask about what I tried....bad.

  2. Lovely pear...I always go complex! I figure if it's a disaster I'll cut it up and use it elsewhere!
    best, nadia

  3. I absolutely love this art quilt! you did a fabulous job on it.