Monday, December 10, 2012

Passing it On ... with your help

Woohoo!  I won a fabric giveaway!  These are so adorable.  My favorite of the 27 Fat Quarters is the happy clams.  The giveaway was from Quilting Daily's blog "Handmade Quilt Art".  The idea behind this giveaway is to use these fabrics to help someone affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I like the combination of beach and patriotic with the Red/White/Blues.  Someone near the beach will be thrilled with this theme.

Since my oldest teen is going to New Jersey the day after Christmas to help gut houses (remove the wet sheetrock, flooring and cabinets), I've set an aggressive deadline for getting this one done.  It would be an added blessing to have this one hand delivered with a hug and a smile and a day's work to help with their home.

I made the Double Slice Layer Cake by Missouri Star Quilting Company pattern.  It's fast and looks great with a large collection of fabrics. 

The stripes and dots were saved for sashing.  Here's where you can help : I'd love for you to leave a comment to help me decide which layout might look best. 

I have some yardage from my stash of a white with diagonal pink grid lines.  It could become the back for this quilt or it could become borders.  What do you think? 

Option 1 : Bold stripes in one direction only.
Option 2

Option 3 (color coded)

Option 4 : Larger with softer stripes (pink and tan) added

It's time to dash off to work and I hope you'll help me make a choice.  You can suggest a None Of the Above option too if you'll let me know another idea.  (It doesn't matter if you're an anonymous commenter.)

Hopefully, I can start sashing the blocks by Tues night and get most of this one done over the next 2 weeks before the Grandma's come to town.

If I had enough red/white stripe, I'd love to do the first option with blue/white stars and red/white stripes only.  It would look like an American flag was peeking through the blocks. 

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. I vote option 2 also, but I can't tell you exactly why... it's the one my eyes keep going to! ;-D Beautiful fun project!

  2. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but I vote for Option 2 as well! But Option 3 is a great choice, too.

  3. Option 2, girlfriend!!! Gonna be lovely.

  4. I'd also vote Option 2! Good luck with it!