Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Couple of Teal Quilts

This top has been on the design wall for awhile now.  It's nice to have all the blocks joined together.  Next step is a shopping trip to find border fabrics - maybe a small darker inner, then a larger outer border.  It's will stay in the teal / cream color family, even though my Darling Husband suggests pink.  Ideally, a stripe would be lovely for the outer border.

Here's another view of this one :

All these blocks finished at 9.5 inches.  They're somewhat improvisational in that I tried to make various squares inside squares without consistent dimensions.  Then I attempted to spread them out with alternating light / dark outer borders.   I couldn't find as many fabrics as I would have like to use since lots of the near-teals seemed to clash. 

I'd still like to raise the design wall so I can see it better over the Tin Lizzie frame.  See the plants in the corner?  Now that the holidays are here and furniture is slightly re-arranged to accommodate trees, the indoor plants are stuffed around my quilting spaces.  I'm glad it's not this way year round, but for a month or so, I think it will work.

The second teal quilt came from an outdated decorator fabric book which was donated to Project Linus.  Since the prints are large scale, I decided to go with a large block design.  These fabrics are differing in their weight - some are like quilting cottons, some a heavier, but none are really thick like upholstery fabrics.

Each block is just 3 fabrics.  I did my best to leave as little waste as possible when I came up with these dimensions.  Right now, the blocks aren't joined, but they'll go together quickly.  I think a fleece backing with no batting will work well for this one.  Project Linus needs quilts for teens and I this one will be plenty large enough for a teen.  In fact, one of my teens thinks the modern designs look neat and the quilt will be well received.  She seems to like most of what I make, which is very sweet, don't you think?

If this same idea was done with purples, I'd have a hard time convincing her it's for Linus.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. I think your finishing ideas are spot on! I use fleece backing on my string quilts for Project Linus and I love how they end up.

  2. I like your color choices!The fleece backing sounds intriguing. I'll have to think about trying that.

  3. When I saw the second teal quilt I immediately wondered where you found all those great fabrics - excellent! Whoever receives it will love it! And I like your first teal quilt as well :)