Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Do The Twist

In the evenings, after jury service this week, I've worked a little bit in the studio.  It seems there are 2 projects happening at once.  Does that ever happen at your place?

The twister quilt needs a border, so I went shopping and found a nice, cheerful print for it.  Unfortunately, it looked awful with the quilt.  So, I'll save it for another time.  Instead, I opened my fabric stash and found these two - a purple for the inner border and the lime green with fish for the outer border.
Project Linus twister quilt

The other project is a impulsive one.  I wanted to try making a quilt from plaid shirts.  When a local thrift store had a half-off sale, I purchased a few and started playing.  The blocks are made, but not joined yet.  I think this would be a neat quilt to keep in the car for a picnic blanket.

The inspiration and pattern came from The Thrifty Quilter.  I liked her use of red and decided to place mine in the centers of each 9 patch also.  If this were larger, I think it would make a neat veteran's quilt.

Finally, I did clean up that mess under my cutting / pressing surface.  It looks much better now.

Since I've been released from jury service with a big check for $31.80, I think I'll go to my workplace and see if I can earn a few more pennies today.  No actual trials for me, but I was on a panel and was not chosen for the jury.  During my down time, I enjoyed getting to know a few people while I hand stitched a binding.  Over all, it was a pleasant experience.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Some child is just going to love that Twister quilt! It's so bright and cheerful! And I agree that your plaid quilt would make a great picnic quilt when it's done. The fabrics looks like they must be pretty soft. I'm glad your experience with jury duty was so pleasant! My last time, I had to sit on the jury for a criminal case and it was not such a happy time.

  2. Your civic duty and hand work accomplished, all at the same time!! I love that shirt quilt. I asked my brother about his old shirts, only to find out that the wife beat me to them and got rid of them. They were long overdue to go out the door, anyway. Maybe I'll keep an eye out at the local thrift stores.

  3. I love your shirt quilt. Florida Farm Girl told me about it. I'm working on a quilt made from some of my late husband's shirts. I'm going to give it to my stepdaughter. Happy to find your blog.