Friday, May 30, 2014

On the Frame - Progress Report

This quilting has been slow going, but there have been lots of other activities in the SeeingStars household.

I've used Hopi and Pueblo pottery designs as inspiration for the quilting.  Here's one of the border cornerstones.  I'll use this bird in all four of them.
The photo flash washed out the vivid jewel tones, but the shine in the thread makes it more noticeable.

And here's some of the border design.  I like the scroll with the bird head and the variety of designs throughout the scroll.

I have several newsprint pads for scribbling ideas.  Typically, I've have 5 or more pages before I find a design I'd like to use.  Here are a few of mine for this project.  The top zigzag design is used in my dark purple fabric in the photo above.  None of the others have been used so far.

I've come up with a neat design to quilt the applique blocks.  Now I just need to find that piece of paper.  My sewing room is clean, but I've moved that design somewhere when I started thinking of the details of making it happen.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. I'm a novice at machine quilting as you know. But the most intimidating part for me, I think, is figuring out WHAT design to use!!! Glad to have some insight into your process. You're my quilting heroine, you know.

  2. Thanks for sharing the design process. I buy those scribble pads by the handful.....never enough pages in them.
    Very neat designs you have come up with.

  3. You've come up with some neat designs. You take a lot of time with each quilt and it shows.