Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Twister in the works

Twister Top in progess

If I remember correctly, this is from Moda's Blush charm pack.  I used the leftover squares in the center to frame the twister blocks.  Next, I'll add another border of the off-white, then the brown polka-dots.  The pink on pink dots will be the border.  I did add a few extra non-Moda fabrics, including the outer brown and binding.

Backing fabric next to the top.
These pink flowers will make the backing fabric.  I think the pink dots binding will work well for the back side too.

While I waited for an hour near the high school during Driver's Ed class, I worked on the binding for Morgan's quilt and drank McDonald's coffee.  It was very difficult not to crack up at the country music they played in there.  Sorry Mom and Tamara, this is just not my kind of music!  For some reason, it just strikes me as funny.  There were 3 songs in a row which describes the mountains, trees, rivers and their home town.  It reminded me of the "formula" for the perfect country song, even though they didn't sing about Momma, trains, prison and dogs.

Enjoy your day!  Ours is cooler and the clouds with a light sprinkle make everything so green and vibrant!
- SeeingStars


  1. Very pretty Twister quilt! I still have a jelly roll of the Blush fabric that I plan to make a Paint Box quilt with. I never used to like country music until I was forced to listen to it nonstop one summer in the office I worked in. It slowly grew on me.

  2. Aren't Twisters a blast to make!?! The blocks change so much when they're cut and reassembled, it's fun to see how they go together! Yours is really pretty.