Friday, July 29, 2011

Bamboo Batting ...

I purchased some fusible bamboo batting a l-o-n-g time ago.  Maybe a year or so.  It was on sale and I was interested in giving it a try.  At that point in history, I did all my quilting on my sewing machine, so the idea of skipping the pin basting and later removing all those safety pins seemed pretty promising.

I had some problems.  It's probably user error.  I tried to fuse both the quilt top and backing at the same time.  Since the fusible adhesive was hot on both sides, I wasn't sure how I could fuse one side at a time.  Wrinkles on the back.  Lifting the backing and reapplying.  Wrinkles on the front.  Repeat.  Again.

Finally, I had it where I could live with it.  Nowhere near perfect, but close enough to move on.  Using the walking foot, I stabilized the quilt sandwich around the blocks.   Then I put the project in a closet, unsure that I wanted to ever see it again. 

I do really like the top.  And since it's hard to pack the longarm on the trip to the beach, I decided to pack a few threads, a fresh needle, this project, and my sewing machine.  Then I practice drawing one of Leah Day's free motion designs on the back sides of my DMIL 's(that's Dear Mother-in-Law) shopping lists and various email messages she'd printed to read or share.  It's called Swirling Water.  She ended up sharing my drawings with her friends instead of the messages.  Too funny!

Quilt Top with Swirling Waters quilting in the dark blue sashing

So the overall design is made of 4 patch blocks which a cut to make simple kaleidoscope style shapes.  I like this fabric and found a terrific Aurofil variegated thread which has the same selection of colors.   Only the sashing has been quilted so far.  I'm still deciding what to do on the blocks and the aqua frames.

Here's a few close-ups of the quilting and one of the backing.
I think the quilting makes it looks like the block is floating on water.
Each block has a different kaleidoscope. 

Dark blue bobbin thread with the dark blue batik.  I may use the variegated thread in the bobbin for quilting the blocks.  

It's time for more house updates soon.  The quilting studio has lights and it's painted.  Our rec room upstairs is also (mostly) painted.  Now for HVAC and floors.  So I'll take a few new photos and share them with you.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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