Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Morgan's Wedding Quilt is ready for Binding

The color looks gray instead of blue, but the quilting shows up well in this photo.

I'm excited with the quilting on Morgan's quilt.  It adds such a nice texture and adds a nice feminine touch to the straight lines and squares.  As promised, I've gathered a few of the practice sketches to share with you also.  If you're looking for a good free motion teacher, I feel I've learned so much from Myrna Ficken's DVD's called Just Do It 1 & 2.  You can visit her video classes at this link.

These colors are more accurate on the backing.  It's pieced with a band of orange,etc, but mostly dark blue.

Here are 3 of the doodling pages I played with before I started with thread.  There is another one somewhere of different leaves because I was struggling with what I'd do to the inside of the leaves - veins, feathers, inner repeat of the leaf, etc....  I started with a swirl, then backed out of it, drew the leaf and finally, made the petals.  Smaller swirls and sweeping shapes filled in the gaps.
Veins inside the leaves.

Leaf shape repeated inside.  This was my final choice.
Feathers inside the leaves.
Time to pick up my teen from the first Driver's Ed class.  It should be interesting to hear how about it and about the other students in this session.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Thanks for sharing your doodles! The quilting looks beautiful.

  2. Your quilting is amazing. Its GORGEOUS! And yes, I know I'm yelling. :) The quilting of quilts is actually what got me interested in learning how to quilt and I am always fascinated with great designs like this. You did a beautiful job and I'll bet they treasure it forever.