Saturday, March 10, 2012

Easy Peasy

An online group is making a quilt to cheer a young woman fighting breast cancer.  Although I haven't met her, I read about her life, and her dreams and I hope to encourage her on as she faces this battle when she'll need an extra portion of strength from above. 

Each quilter who participates is making a few heart blocks in black, white and pink.  I forgot how quick and fun it can be to make a block rather than a whole quilt top.  These four were made as leaders and enders for another project.

The pattern is a free one and can be found here.

Sigh.  I kicked the brick step in my studio Thursday morning as I rounded the quilt frame.  My two smallest toes are purple and very tender.  Trust me, you do not need to see a photo of these toes!  Purple is a beautiful color in a quilt, but shockingly ugly on a foot.  It's always terrible timing to do a clumsy injury.  Today, I would have participated in a fencing tournament.  I still need to be there since I'm responsible for the venue.  It would have been much more fun to join in the swordplay than to sit with a foot propped up.  I don't like these lessons in humility.

I'm hoping this heals quickly.  It's time to be gardening and getting whipped back into shape, taking walks and jogs around the neighborhood so I can see what everyone's growing in their flower beds.  Yes, I'm that stalker neighbor!  The one who pretends to enjoy a stroll just to see everyone's landscaping and the birds perched on roofs, trees and bushes.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Hope your foot get better,

    love the blocks, what a wonderful thing to do.