Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updated Studio Photos

I thought some of these were already on my blog, but couldn't find them to send a link.  If it were daylight, I'd take new ones since things are always changing a little bit here and there.

This room was our screened in porch prior to the April 27th tornadoes.  It measures 12 by 17 feet.  Since there are 3 doorways, furniture placement has to allow for lots of open spaces.   The quilting frame is 10 feet long.

Seeing Stars  :)


  1. Wow, great time for you to share. DH and I are talking about enclosing the side porch for my quilting studio. I will set my HQ frame at ten feet from the 8 it has to be to fit in bedroom now. The patio has two walls with cement floor and is roofed. At 25'x9.5' it should be large enough to also house a couple of treadles too :)
    Thanks for sharing pics and info!

  2. It looks like a nice place to work in!

  3. What a great room and all those wonderful windows! Wonderful!

  4. Oh, my, I am so sorry you were caught in those tornadoes. I was home sick that day, heard they were sprouting everywhere, and began watching via the internet. When we went back to visit a few weeks later I was horrified at some of the damage in my old home county. I love your new sewing room.