Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Problem in the Studio

Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on.

There's a terrible problem, but it's hard to see.  Come a little closer.

And here's a sister to the problem.
They are everywhere.  Dangling from the ceiling above my machine.  Running over the fabrics and batting.  I just start itching when I think about it.  I thought spiders were supposed to be at the ceiling and leave us alone on the ground level.  This herd didn't get that memo.

At first, I started quilting last night and flicked one or two out of the way.  Then I began to see that they have taken over.  Ugh!  Guess I'll call the pest control service today.  My husband suggested that I vacuum them, which I'll do.  But I'm wondering if I'll overcome since they're very very small and there are so many of them.

The ladybugs were a little annoying because they were attracted to the bright warm light on my longarm.  But these spiders simply must go.  Ewwwww and yuck!

One of our teens went to St. Louis with the high school Show Choir.  The brand new phone won't hold a charge, so she's borrowed a friend's phone a couple of times to send a text.   The cheap replacement phone might not be so cheap if we have to buy new pieces to get it to work.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Oh, no! I love babies, but not when they are spiders! Not to long ago, a group of baby spiders hatched on my bed. By the next day, they were gone. I usually just try to ignore spiders, because they eat other bugs, but I don't want them in bed with me! Hope you get it worked out!

  2. your new is beautiful. Second...I am deathly allergic to spider venom, so this is horrifying to me! Now I need to check all the corners and ceilings in the house.