Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quilt Retreat Lil' Gifts

Starfish Charms 'cuz I'm SeeingStars

Bags are packed.  Van is loaded with sewing supplies.  It's time for a quilting retreat!  I've worked on these little friendship bags in my "spare" time to share with my friends.  It was fun to use 3 quilting patterns for each tote.

I found these fabrics online and on sale.  Aren't they cheerful with those gleaming cherries!  By the way, I found the pattern for these cuties at p. s. I quilt: friendship bag tutorial  I modified her directions slightly, not because they were bad directions, but because I'm persnickity.

These quilters surprised me in the Fall by blessing me with a lovely, huge basket of hand made Christmas ornaments.  It was their outpouring of love and concern for me after they heard our home was beat up by last Spring's tornadoes.  I was so touched by their generosity, especially in the time it took to make each ornament. 

My tree in the quilting studio was the prettiest tree ever!  Even though it started out a bit on the scruffy side, discounted once it's needles began to fall.  

Well, it's time to go.  Just a few more last minute packing items and I'll dash down to Magnolia Park!

Enjoy your weekend!
- SeeingStars


  1. How nice of you to make all those bags! Did it take long?

  2. cute totes! lucky gals to get such treats.

  3. Love those bags! I'm going to check out that tutorial. The charms are so cute! What a great idea!