Friday, April 6, 2012

Beginning Quilting Class

Yesterday, we filled the Quilter's Combo classroom with friends.  I've never taught such a large class!  Everyone cracked jokes as they worked on their free motion.  Linda had a very creative tale for how I broke my toe a few weeks ago.  Joan quickly decided that since I brought scones (to ensure that everyone likes me), she would slip me little gifts all day long (to ensure that she was the teacher's pet).

I promised these ladies and a gent that I'd put our class posters on this blog, so they could refer to it later.  It's easier for me to give everyone an idea of what we hope to accomplish.  Then, those who move faster can try the next pattern without waiting for my cue.
Page 1
Page 2

Not everyone finished their sampler.  Those who didn't had some machine troubles - mostly learning to change feet.   Since every machine brand is a little different, this took more time than I'd hoped. 

We also played with a template and quilt pounce.  Liz tried a cute pattern from one of the books I brought to recommend. 

Earlier this week, we had a double rainbow over our city.  I've seen lots of Facebook photos from various vantage points.  The absolute best was one published in the newspaper.  Since I enjoyed it so much, I'll share my view with you.  The outer rainbow is very faint, but it's over the treeline.

Double Rainbow
And a zoom of the inner rainbow ....

Rainbow over the steeple

Enjoy the fulfilled promise of this weekend.  The tomb is empty.
- SeeingStars

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