Monday, May 6, 2013

For A PreSchool Class

A friend learned of the Sharpie and alcohol technique and told her son.  He ran with the idea and had a class of preschoolers draw their masterpieces.  After spraying them with alcohol to bleed the colors, my friend joined them together with sashing.  Then I had the privilege of quilting these masterpieces.

To make sure I didn't turn a dinosaur into a flower, I stuck with abstract free motion quilting.  Most of the time, I just followed the colored shapes.  Since this class learned basic shapes, I used the sashing to show off circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.  It was a fun design to do.

My friend made a beautiful backing too.  Her son plans to present the quilt to the teacher during the end-of-the-year party.  I think the children will be thrilled to see their artwork in this quilt.

Enjoy your day!  These happy colors and fun designs made mine even better.
- SeeingStars

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