Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another for Project Linus

This purple top is adorable.  Although I don't know who made this one, it's easy to see that it was made to share lots of love and comfort with someone who needs it. 

It does not want to lie flat, my solution is to double up on the batting.  Then quilt each area densely.  I hope to provide a place for the extra fullness to puff in the print fabric. 

I hope when it's done, it will warm a little girl's heart.  Our Project Linus group donates quilts to the neonatal ICU, and to firefighters and others who can distribute a quilt to a child or teen who have lost their home and belongings for various reasons.  It's amazing how fast these are given away!

When our group meets again, I hope I'll return with a small stack of quilted items.  Most likely, I'll still have a stack left with to-be-quilted tops for Linus.  So I won't grab another stack until I finish these.  I'm thankful that others who use their longarm machines for PL are much faster than I am.

I used the design in the print to come up with the quilting design.  Then I just jumped in without worrying too much about sketching and trying a few different designs.  So far, I like the quilting in the solid areas - borders and 4 patch blocks. 

This print area is still a bit weird.  By starting in each corner and making a few arcs and swirls, the fullness is left in the center.   I'll work on the rest and then look for some solution to pop in my mind for this area.

Looking forward to a reunion of friends this evening.  It's been more than a month and we've missed one another.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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