Saturday, October 6, 2012

Twin Quilts for Project Linus

Our local Project Linus group meets quarterly.  So at the last meeting, I scooped up a few tops and fabrics for the backs.  Today was a good day to quilt a couple of them.  These 2 tops would be neat for twins, especially for a military family. 

The piecing is very simple, yet the overall effect adds interest since the patterns are all busy and different.  I used the stars and loops idea from the last Time Travel Tuesday post.  Then, I combined it with idea to use a mustard yellow thread for a Red/White/Blue quilt.  Some of the high quality flags have the stars appliqued using a gold fabric.  It makes those stars really shine!

In these two quilts, I like that the thread shows up in all the fabrics, but the contrast isn't so striking that it steals the show.

Thearica quilted one of my quilts before I found my Tin Lizzie.  She owns an amazing Gammill machine and was trusting enough to show me how to load a quilt and follow a pantograph.  Then she allowed me to quilt a little bit.  I had so much fun and couldn't wait to learn more one day.  I think of her as my big sister in quilting.  Her work is amazing and always calls me to stretch my creative wings.

Once these little quilts were quilted, my husband and I played lumberjack in the back yard.  We still have a few battered trees remaining from the tornado damage.  Several of the survivors are sweetgum trees, which are undesirable to barefoot kids who run across the lawn.  So, we cut down the first of 3 sweetgums - the easiest one.  It has cleared the way for us to work on the other two.  Both of these lost limbs when the others fell.  With the lost weight all on one side, they both lean towards the house and are tall enough to be a threat.  I guess these 2 are officially in the pondering phase, in which we think about how to remove them safely and without property damage.

Teens are at a band competition, so we're going on a date tonight to watch a football game.  I love this sweater weather!

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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