Monday, October 1, 2012

Playing on the Design Wall

I enjoy the process of making blocks and rearranging them until they are just right.  Since I haven't run out of these fabrics yet, I guess I'll keep making blocks and see what size this will become.  A few strays might end up on the back side.  I already have a recipient in mind for this one too. (Shhhhh!)

So this means that I'm finished with my challenge quilt and can play again without a deadline.  That's a tremendous relief to me right now.  I tend to over-commit.

In fact, I do this so much that one of my darling teens has made fun of me.  I had a little extra room on the design wall, which was set up just for me to learn a new vocabulary word.

The joke is that even when I try to say, "No!", I'll end up agreeing to do just one more thing.  Half of these look more like ON than NO.  I guess left-handed minds are truly wired in weird ways.  Or maybe I shouldn't have rotated them around to spell out ON just for fun.

 It's not all bad, being willing to help others or teach a class or join a challenge or lead a guild for a year ... It's just that moderation is the sign of wisdom.  And longtime stress isn't fun or healthy.

So, I'll visit current commitments and basic priorities before adding to my to do list.  Are we allowed to make a resolution in October? 

My teens just arrived home, so I get to hear about their days.  There's almost always a funny story or two involved.  (No pun intended, for those who know me by name)

This is the day that the LORD has made .... so

Enjoy your day! 

- SeeingStars


  1. 'No' is a hard, but important lesson to learn. Fortunately, I have my husband to guide me. He has no problem stepping in and telling me that I'm over committing and need to say no. In fact, he's quite willing to do it for me - even to the things I want to do! Good luck with it! You and your family really do deserve the best of you and not just the few leftover pieces.

  2. I'm constantly teased that it is time to start a "no" quilt, I can relate totally!