Friday, October 5, 2012

Off the Frame

Still on the frame here

This top seemed like a good one to finish next.  I just wanted something fun and simple to quilt.  There was some pondering what to do with the twister shapes and sketching out several ideas.  Nothing seemed quite right.  So I decided to work out inner and outer border ideas instead.

I decided to quilt white ghosts on white and to repeat the pumpkins from the busy outer border (which doesn't show too well on the camera nor in person.  It was fun to give them all a different face.  These two have similar arm positions, but most have different arms too.
It naturally followed that I could add ghosts to the twisters too.  These showed up well against the orange fabric.  They alternate with black bats on the neighboring shapes.
Here's the whole front before I've trimmed it for binding.
And a glimpse of the back.  This one has Warm 'N Natural batting and Isacord white threads.  The black are Bottom Line for the bobbin and So Fine for the top.  Although I did have some orange and some purple, they just didn't seem quite right stretched across the top.

It's really nice to have a day off from work to get things done here at home.  I'm going offline to gather some gardening tools and finishing planting the iris bulbs which were dug up and separated last weekend.  I've made a mess around the bushes and now I get to make it look better again.  Those iris will enjoy having a little more space. 

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. BOO, you scare me. That is some great quilting and a great quilt.

  2. Love your Halloween Twister, the quilting is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, have great weekend.

  3. Beautiful quilting! Love the ghosts! What a wonderful decoration for Halloween!

  4. Your quilting is really great... love the ghosts! And the fabrics too - what fun.

  5. The ghosts seem perfect for this quilt top! They really work for the Twisters. The pumpkins are great as well. Good ideas and a fun quilt.

  6. Oh wow, love this! Now I need to find my template for the Twisters and get one done. Glad I decided to pop on your blog today.