Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pressing Surface

I still have a decision to make about this addition to my studio and I'll enjoy all your comments full of advice to help me.   With leftover wood, I fashioned a pressing surface that spans 5 feet by 2 feet.  (That's 60 inches by 24 inches for you quilters who don't think in terms of feet.)
New Canvas Pressing Surface
This project was actually finished before the ruler apron, but I haven't shared it yet.  I can prop it against the wall when I'm not using it and since the 24 inches is much shorter than the table, it doesn't obstruct the view.

I started with Sharon Schamber's video for a pressing surface.  Then added some cotton batting and 2 yards of canvas from Wally World.  The leftovers were perfect for the apron showcased in yesterday's blog.

So my question is simple : Should I set this up to use on my ironing board or over my WIP Custom Cutting Table (aka green dresser which is still being painted)?  The ironing board has an adjustable height and the WIP Custom Cutting Table will be a perfect 40 inch height for my 5' 6" frame in Converse tennis shoes or barefoot.  I love to sew barefoot, even at Kat's studio, which is very dangerous due to all the pins embedded in the carpet.  I'll regret it one day, but until then, I'll wiggle my tootsies as I sew.  I drive barefoot too.  Shhh!  Don't tell.

Once the decision is made, I'll add some wood to the under side to hug the profile of either the ironing board or Custom Cutting Table, so it won't slip around as I use it.  I imagine customer quilts receiving a nice press before loading to my frame.  I can also imagine using the pressing surface for my own fabrics and quilt tops.

I know you've noticed all the canvas and neutral colors so far.  My goal is to make the tools blend in to the background so the current project really takes center stage.  I think with all the cream colored furniture, this will happen easily.  I've planned curtains to offer some shade in the sun room once Mr. Seeing Stars is either agreeable or not strongly opposing this step.  That will prevent the sunshine from fading whatever fabrics are currently occupying the studio.  These curtains will be mostly canvas with about a 12 to 18 inch blue/yellow/cream stripe at the top.  Canvas drop cloths at Home Depot come in a 6 foot by 9 foot size with the edges already nicely seamed for $10.  The stripe is available now from HobbyLobby.  I just happen to have a birthday gift card from that very place to help with the cost.  Now I just need to find a bargain on curtain rods!

Enjoy your day!

This is the day that the LORD has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad.  - Psalm 118:24

- SeeingStars

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  1. I can speak from experience on this issue. A couple of years ago, my husband made me an ironing surface to fit over my existing ironing board. The surface was great, but the ironing board underneath was a bit too wobbly. Add in several cats that were forever springing on or off it, and the board and iron ended up on the floor a few times (that's why I need yet another new iron!)

    This year for my birthday, my husband made me an even larger surface but used PVC pipe for the base and made it VERY sturdy. I just LOVE using it! Best yet, the cats can't tip it over and it's not wobbly when I'm doing heavy duty ironing. So my advice would be to go with the sturdier base.

    Hope that helps!