Friday, October 21, 2011

WIP Cutting Table

Cutting Table for a 5' 6" quilter
It's almost finished!  My box is firmly attached to the dresser and is just the right size to support the cutting mat of 25" x 37".  The grid is 24 x 36, but there are margins around the edges.  I'm planning to use the top drawer for longarm thread storage and perhaps other longarm supplies.  No plans yet for the open cubby or the lower drawers, but I'm sure they'll get filled.

The 3 pumpkins still need borders and stems before being quilted.  I'll share more about that project soon.

More confessions ... I drilled pilot holes too deep and they poked through the top surface!  Of all the places to make this mistake, I was not pleased to see that I ruined the top.
Mistake.  Bummer.
So I've scraped and filled the holes with wood filler.  Tomorrow morning, I'll sand and clean and repaint the surface.  I've done the same with 4 screws holding the box to the dresser top.  I had hoped to screw in from the drawer side upward, but couldn't get the drill to fix in that space.  So I had to drill from the box bottom thru to the dresser surface and countersink the screws.  Those holes are also scraped and filled.  They'll also get another coat of paint tomorrow.

It will be ready to move into place and I'll take photos of the whole studio.

My next home project challenges are for the birds, literally.  Sadly, several birds have hit the windows and perished.  I've read that moving feeders closer to the windows can disrupt their flight patterns and help them to stop flying into the windows.  We currently don't have any feeders after the storm damage, so I made a few temporary ones after I just returned home from Lowes.  Eye roll.  I could have picked up a few while I was there if I'd realized our old ones were gone.   These are hanging near the studio and hopefully will help prevent injuries and worse.

The second bird project involves discouraging the woodpecker from drilling through our front porch.  I did remember to purchase an owl decoy and set him up in view of the holey porch.  Since the wood filler was already in use in the studio, I've at least started patching the porch damage.  One of the holes is really deep and will probably take a few iterations of filler before I can paint it.  What a naughty woodpecker!  There are plenty of trees he can use instead of our house.

The band is marching tonight, so I'm off to find warm clothes before arriving to chaperone Bus #3.  : )

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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