Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sewing Table (WIP)

For my non-quilter friends, a WIP is a Work In Progress.   Since I haven't returned to sewing yet, I'll share my first steps of painting the sewing table.  It was easy to remove the drawer pulls and drag it outside.   Here's after I stopped sanding the first time, but later realized I had a lot more to go before it was truly sanded.

I used rubber cement to cover the hinges.  I know it's weird.  I've not tried this before, but I'm hoping it will act as a resist to the painting and will rub off afterwards.  OK.  I did actually try this method yesterday on a piece of scrap wood.  It worked well in the areas with a generous amount of rubber cement.  Those areas where the rubber cement was thin just absorbed into the wood and accepted the paint as if there were no barrier.

Just in case, I also used some painter's tape.

I realize that it might have been better to remove the hinges before painting, but I know these hinges support weight and I'm concerned about getting them back in place just right.  I opted for the (hopefully) easier way. 

Finally, I've sprayed a few layers of white primer on everything.  Tomorrow, I'll brush on the paint in very thin layers and hope that it looks as great as those fearless I-found-this-beat-up-piece-of-furniture-on-free-cycle-and-turned-it-into-an-heirloom bloggers show off.

If the result is disappointing, then we'll all learn from my mistakes (of which I seem to be excelling in making these days).

Enjoy your Fall day!
- SeeingStars

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  1. I hope it turns out for you. I am so impressed with those furniture redo's too, but am not as ambitious as you are to attempt doing one.