Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dancing Again

This Dancing with the Stars challenge quilt is about to be sent along to the raffle.  But ... I needed to dance with it a little more first.  The white areas were quilted last Fall.  The deadline was approaching and I didn't have the longarm threads in the proper colors to do more quilting.

So months after the binding was completed, I'm adding scrolls to the orange and blue sections using my regular sewing machine with Aurofil variegated threads.  Last night, the orange sections were finished.  So I'll add the blue today and tomorrow, then one last photo, one last dance, and it's off in the mail.

I promised to say more about how you can join this raffle.  Since Tom Russell said it so well with rhyme, I'll just send you to him for the details:  Tom's Public Service Announcement for the MDA Quilt Raffle

Thanks so much for those of you who have decided to follow my blog.  This is a fun experience and I'll work hard to keep those photos coming!

Enjoy this springtime sunshine!  It's my favorite time of the year, along with summer and fall.
- SeeingStars


  1. Kim,
    I'm so excited to discover your blog! I'll send the link to Sharon in case she doesn't know about it.

    Your quilts are so incredible. I'll look forward to seeing your pictures. I saw your quilt on Facebook for Amber's baby; beautiful.

    I do hope to enjoy some of this sunshine today. I'd take this weather year-round.