Saturday, April 9, 2011

Order Restored

Yesterday's post and comments were about guilt.  So here's what leads me to feel guilty.  Chaos.
It makes me feel like I'm about to forget a doctor's appointment or to pay a bill.  I feel a little apprehensive when my house is like this because I fear it will spill into every other part of my life.  I'm more edgy with my family when my messes take over.

Ahhh.  Order Restored.
I Can Breathe. 
Aware of Peace.

So the taxes have been mailed.  Laundry is never done, but is moving along as it should.
The Dancing with the Stars is finished and ready to be mailed for the MDA raffle.  I like the added quilting to the diagonals and the simple addition to the stars.  It seems more balanced now.

Lessons learned : It's much easier to complete all the quilting on the longarm.  Once the quilt is trimmed and bound, the extra stitching needs to be done on a home sewing machine.  It's much slower.
One of the reasons I did this was that I had a deadline to meet and that I didn't have the longarm thread colors needed to meet this deadline.  Since then, I've discovered that I can buy Isacord threads locally.  There are plenty of colors and some variegated choices too.  I can also buy smaller spools of King Tut.  My machine works well with both of these, so I'm set for future deadlines.

There's a new quilt loaded on my machine (as seen in the orderly photo of my dining room quilting studio).  A local quilter made this for a donation to Japan.  Many quilters have rallied to make quilts for those in Japan who lost their homes in the recent tsunami.  This quilt has simple strips with bright, cheerful colors.  I'm planning to play with a pantograph of flowers using a pink/green top thread. 

Do you have an area in your life or home that needs order restored?   The reward for deciding to roll up your sleeves and tackle it is the peace that returns. 

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars
... And do your best to live at peace with everyone.  (Romans 12:18 Contemporary English Ver.)

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