Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Award Winning Photo!

Hmmm.  Well maybe not.  Jenna won't claim her advice helped with improvements here, but I think it's amazing because it represents the clearing of a huge hurdle.   We've waited over 3 months to get rid of the tree stumps left over from the April tornadoes.  Although the machine ran out of gas long before we ran out of stumps, there was some progress made today.  Joe plans to come back tomorrow and see how much more he can accomplish.

This stump has made us wonder how it could be removed since it sort of meshed itself with the remains of our toolshed.

So my husband and I grabbed some gloves and a few tools this afternoon.  We moved the shed to the street ... in pieces.  It now looks like this :
I still don't think I'll win any awards for this photography today.  But it's such a relief to see progress here!

Now the stumps near the shed are much more accessible.  I think the teens and I will add the shed's floor to the pile at the street tomorrow morning.  FEMA's deadline for putting storm debris at the street is Monday, so we're just barely in time to have this lovely mess hauled away.

Joe thought this one near the shed was the big one he's have to wrestle.  Later in the afternoon, he realized that it's not the big one.
Here's the big stump.  That lower cut tree has a diameter of 36".  It's a monster stump with the 2 trees root systems joined together.

I'll have some better photos next time, maybe of quilts again.  These snapshots seem a little boring, but the accomplishments behind them are worthy of celebration.  We also made a huge step forward in negotiating with our insurance company about additional items which were not covered or underestimated in the settlement.  The adjustor agreed with every single item we and the contractor submitted!  Now we wait for supervisor approval.  If our prayers are answered in this matter, we'll be able to afford to replace the smashed air conditioning units and the water saturated ducts in the crawlspace.  

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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  1. Seeing those photos, it's such a blessing none of you were hurt! You certainly had some large trees in your yard. I hope the progress continues on the cleanup and rebuilding and the insurance pays out.