Saturday, August 20, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt Layout on the Design Wall

Yesterday was so much fun!  I met several ladies at the Quilters Combo classroom and we giggled and sewed most of the day.  I finished the piecing the last block just as my mental timer began to prompt me that I needed to go pick up the kids.

So they hopped in the van and we went by the house and found the air conditioning on and the downstairs was a cool 71 degrees!  The upstairs unit had only been on for about half an hour, so it was 95 deg F up there.  Very exciting after the six weeks of appeals and convincing the insurance that we needed more funds to afford the new units.

Top portion of the T-Shirt quilt layout

Bottom portion ... I didn't have enough wall height, so the last blocks were scrunched.
The white background t-shirts were the most challenging.  Most of them have lime green in the design.  I wondered about adding more red in that row, but decided that it would call more attention to the piecing and less to the shirt designs.  So those triangles have a lime green background, but are multi-colored to help the one white shirt with no lime green seem like it belongs too.

Someone asked me about sashing, but I think this is going to be large enough as it is.  No sashing!  Maybe no borders or very narrow borders.

We have a fencing tournament today, which will be held in our church building's gym.  My whites are in the dryer after last night's fencing.  We'll grab some food at the store on the way to heat up for lunch.  It will be a long day, but fun!  A women's epee event first, followed by an open event.  Next week, I'll wear long shorts and 3/4 length sleeves to hide the bruises.  Younger teen is going with me, but isn't going to fence today.  As beginners, it certainly keeps us humble to fence with those A, B and C rated fencers.  (Even those who are D's and E's.)  We're both U's (unrated).

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars

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