Friday, August 26, 2011

Jewel Box Quilting ... Off the frame and ready for binding

Jewel Box baby quilt for Angel
I'm really excited with how pretty the quilting turned out on this quilt.  I wondered as I was sewing if the border design is too large in scale for the rest of the quilt.  It provides lots of motion since it's so large.  I think I like the overall effect.
Here are more photos of this jewel box.  By the way, after I scribbled / doodled the design on paper, I felt like I knew how to work out the design with thread.  There are enough reference points in the piecing that I didn't mark any of this.  I rarely mark a quilt.  Just my preference.  I'm not that precise.
Closer view of the border

Hibiscus framed with a sort of bird of paradise and then  leaves

Leaves almost form flower where they meet

Batik backing is a little washed out in this photo, but it shows the quilting better.

I guess I already mentioned that I'm excited about this quilt.  I can't wait to get the binding on and hand it to a first time momma.  I think she'll be happy with it too.

The tree guys saved me from eating my words yesterday.  Our next date is Monday.  So I'm looking forward to posting photos of the stump-less backyard jungle on Tuesday.  We'll have a landscaping challenge ahead of us!  But first, the stumps must go.  One battle at a time.

Flooring should be delivered today.  The HVAC guys had planned to finish yesterday, but we didn't see signs of their work.  So, hopefully today's the day.  We have a bit of a misunderstanding.  It seems the estimate and the bill are off by a significant amount.  They are expecting the insurance to just pay the additional amount.  Ummmmm.  That's not how things work.  I dread this battle.   Not sure if I mentioned that we were victorious with the storm debris battle earlier this week.  After calls to the county, who called FEMA to investigate, our debris pile was removed.

The storm repairs have helped me to pray more often.  Many things are out of our control, especially timing of repairs and the money matters with the insurance and mortgage company.  Many more things could go really sour if ego gets involved as the discussions with various people take place.  Once, the builder told me that our request for more caulking was stupid!
It's been a comfort and blessing so far to pray whenever I feel anxious about the next event.  I admit that I still feel stressed and anxious about a lot of this stuff (just ask my husband if you have any question about that!).  But I think it would be completely overwhelming if I didn't know that I have someone greater who cares deeply about our family and this outcome.  It helps me look for the lessons I can learn instead of feeling sorry for myself during all these inconveniences.  It helps me to remember that this day, His mercies for me are fresh and new.

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. Your quilt is awesome!!I tell my sons that there is a Father who loves them way more than I do, if that is possible...and he is very aware.....good post.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! And your quilting is just perfect!!

  3. Your quilting is amazing! I'm so impressed you did it all freehand. And kudos to you for giving glory to God. He deserves it!

  4. What a beautiful gift! The quilting is gorgeous. I bet the mama who receives this will be thrilled!

  5. I think you're right--the wider border allows for the movement of your quilting. Truly beautiful quilt.
    best, nadia

  6. I just love the quilting on this one, and the fabrics are so pretty to start with.