Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, a few days ago, I posted a photo of a baby quilt top.  But ... it was rejected by my advisers (i.e. my 3 teens involved in band camp last week).  They were kind and honest in saying that it just wasn't going to work for this upcoming baby.

So, I started over.  A jewel box quilt is a pretty pattern and I've been interested in making one.  I threw out the purple batiks and just stuck with the baby room colors.  Here's the finished top.  That amazing orangy batik surrounding it will be the back on the quilt.  I think this one is more cheerful than the last attempt.
Angel's Baby Quilt top
So, while I'm deciding how to quilt it, I need to remove those Zendoodles from the frame.  Here's another shot at what I've done so far.  I added a few more designs this morning after the storms.
More Zendoodles with thread

Threads so far are black, gray and white.

We've had some amazing thunderstorms lately.  One last week sent a tree branch through the roof at the rental house.  It was an easy repair, for which we're very thankful.
Yesterday evening, I drove back to our house to check on it after more storms and heavy rains.  We have a leak in the new roof over the new addition.  Our builder knows about it and it will get fixed, but the rains do cause me some concern.  I like the new drywall to be dry.
So I had 2 discoveries waiting for me.  No new water was leaking in!  The roof isn't repaired yet, but those heavy rains didn't make their way inside.  And ... the concrete floor in the quilt studio was painted.  It looks amazing!  Sorry to make you endure so many photos of the same room.   I guess you can tell I'm excited!
Quilt Studio with wet painted floors
This photo was taken through the door.  There's a sign warning of wet paint so I didn't even dare to open the door.  The room look so much cleaner now.  I just noticed that the 5th light on the track was also installed.

I'm painfully aware of my lacking photo quality on this blog.  It would be nice to blame it on the camera, but alas, I cannot.  It's hard in this temporary space to step back far enough to keep the quilts in perspective.  They look really distorted.  And sometimes the stitches just don't show up well at all.
I have a friend, Jenna, who takes wonderful photos and has even had some published in the newspaper.  I'm going to ask her for some advice.  In the mean time, I'll just take more photos and hope to learn as I stumble along.

These were from yesterday morning.  It's weird how the greens look almost black in some photos and vibrant in others.
Dark greens while I'm about to enjoy reading with a cup of coffee

Same time of day, but much brighter

Indian Creek when it hasn't flooded and turned rust colored

I love the patterns these leaves make overhead!

Enjoy your day!
- SeeingStars


  1. I agree with the teens on the baby quilt. The jewel box is much more baby oriented. Does this make me a teenager once again? ha!

    The zendoodles are great! I have been wanting to play with that on the machine as well...a drawer I am not so we shall see!

  2. ;) I would love to help if I can! I thought your pictures look great, but maybe more lighting would help the quilts stand out more in the pictures... but your new studio should help with that. ;) It look lovely!
    and i LOVE that last picture you posted with the leaves against the sky... so pretty!!

  3. I love the zentangle work. I am a big fan of zentangles and hadn't thought of quilting them. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I like both the baby quilts very much.